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The Prisoner Shall Be Set Free

The Prisoner Shall Be Set Free

On Monday, we were able to visit a local prison. We began our visit by speaking with the people in charge of the facility, as they expressed their thanks for us being there. It seemed as if all the officials were present for our arrival. They then led us through the facilities, and we interacted with some of the inmates.

Our tour concluded with arriving at the prison’s chapel. You could hear the worship from quite a ways out. As we entered the room, we witnessed a praise and worship that would make many American churches envious. Once the worship concluded, each member of our team was able to share their testimony. It is a privilege to share this experience with godly men willing to serve the Lord in this way.

After the testimonies, I delivered a gospel message taken from Luke 15 and the story of the prodigal son. When I finished, one of the local pastors came up and drove the gospel home. 5 men came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

In just three days, 16 people have been saved! Praise God!!

After we visited the prison, we went to one of the local churches heavily involved in distributing and supporting the use of Talking Bibles throughout the region. We received a report on their work and the effect of Talking Bibles in the area. We then spent time programming new Talking Bibles for their continued distribution.

One of the many highlights from this trip was a brief ceremony at the church where the pastor presented me with a certificate of thanks for North Haven’s support. It was such as simple yet moving gesture.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a day of travel. Long hours on the road full of incredible sights and beautiful faces.

This morning we’re prepared to visit several villages and see the work of Talking Bibles in real-time.

Please continue to pray for safe travels and high impact!

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