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Vacation Bible School
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Twists & Turns

June 17-21, 2-4pm

Open for kids Age 4 through Grade 5

(as of Spring 2024)

It's time to level up VBS! Spin the spinner, beat the clock, skip ahead, level up, and play to win! You’ll need to bring your A-game for this VBS. Twists & Turns is a fantastical celebration of games of all kinds. From classic tabletop games to video games and more, kids will play their way through VBS while learning that Jesus guides them through all the twists and turns of their lives. They’ll find that even when they mess up it’s never “game over".

Middle School Explosion
Explosion 2024.png

It's time for Explosion!

June 17-21, 6:30-8:30pm

Open for students in 6th-9th grade

(as of Fall 2024)

Explosion is like VBS on steroids: games, messes, dancing, worship, Bible, & prayer!

This summer we will dive into the theme of "Identity." Middle School can be a tough season for students and their families. Preteens long to develop a deeper sense of their own identity, often looking more to their peers rather than their parents and other adults. They begin to try new things as they seek to find out where they fit in the world. At Explosion, we will take a look at what God says about our identity in Him and how He shows us His own identity in His Word. When we're all asking "Where do I fit?", let's ask the One who made us and knows exactly who we are!

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