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Connecting People to Jesus and Each Other


The Mission

We connect at a deeper level to Christ by intentionally pursuing a growing relationship with Him, to each other by purposefully building loving relationships, and to our community by actively working together to introduce families to Christ.

Our Vision

At North Haven, we aspire to become genuine followers of Jesus who are equipped and energized to impact our community.


Bible Based

To know, understand and live according to the guidance of God’s Word through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit Powered

 To be people who discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and use that power to serve others and to witness to the Gospel in word and deed to those around us.

Prayer Empowered

To be people who discover and grow an ongoing relationship with God through prayer, both together with others and individually that guides our lives.

Worship Oriented

To provide opportunities to discover how we may worship God with all of what we do, whether together in song, in learning, in listening, in service or in our daily living.

Disciple Making

To encourage, guide, and nurture believers into becoming devoted followers and examples who witness of the life and teaching of Jesus to help bring others to Jesus. 

Grace Filled

To exhibit genuine, grace-powered, and non-condemning ways of relating that witness of God’s power in our lives.

Ethnically Diverse

To become a people that invite and welcome ethnic diversity through the way we relate to those different than us.

Family Oriented

To provide an environment that invites families of all types into vital relationship with Christ through focused intentional ministry to children and youth.

Truth Oriented

To demonstrate by our words and actions, that Jesus is the source of all truth, and trusting Him requires us to see the truth about our own condition first. 

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