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North Haven Church - Lead Senior Pastor Opportunity


2240 15th Ave E, North Saint Paul, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 777-1384


Position Summary:


The pastor is responsible for providing spiritual leadership and guidance to the congregation while actively engaging the diverse neighborhoods of North Saint Paul and Maplewood, which surround North Haven Church. We’re located only blocks from the North Saint Paul High School and Richardson Elementary. Our churches passion is to proactively connect our community and families with Christ. 


We are searching for a visionary leader with a deep passion for evangelism and the ability to equip and empower our congregation to fulfill their God-given potential. If you are a compassionate, visionary, and spiritually gifted individual who can lead and inspire our church community, we invite you to apply for this transformative leadership opportunity.


This role involves but is not limited to leading worship services, pastoral care, community outreach, and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals and families.




1. Visionary Leadership: Develop and communicate a compelling vision for the church's future, aligning it with God's purpose and the needs of the community.


2. Evangelism: Lead and support evangelistic efforts to reach out to the community, engage new members, and share the Gospel message with grace and conviction.


3. People Equipping: Equip and mentor individuals within the congregation to take on leadership roles, fostering their spiritual and personal growth.


4. Spiritual Leadership: Provide biblical teaching and preaching during worship services, delivering relevant and engaging sermons according to the vision and mission of North Haven. Lead and/or facilitate regular prayer meetings, Bible studies, and discipleship groups for individuals and families.Offer spiritual guidance and counseling to individuals and families in times of need, crisis, or personal growth.


5. Community Engagement: Develop, implement, and oversee strategies to engage the local community, fostering relationships and partnerships. Collaborate with community organizations, schools, and local leaders to identify needs and opportunities for service. Organize and participate in community events, such as outreach programs, charity drives, and volunteer initiatives.


6. Family and Individual Ministry: Oversee a comprehensive family ministry program that supports and nurtures individuals and families. Provide resources and guidance to parents in raising children with a strong foundation in faith. Plan and organize family-oriented events, retreats, and workshops to strengthen family bonds and encourage spiritual growth.


7. Pastoral Care: Conduct hospital visits, home visits, and provide pastoral care to members of the congregation during times of illness, grief, or crisis. Perform weddings, funerals, and other sacraments, providing spiritual support and guidance. Maintain regular communication with congregants through pastoral visits, phone calls, emails, and social media platforms.


8. Leadership and Administration: Supervise and mentor staff according to North Haven policies. Work collaboratively with North Haven church staff, Board of Elders, and other leaders to develop, refine, and implement the church's vision and mission. Provide oversight and support to ministry teams and volunteers engaged in community and family outreach. Manage administrative tasks related to pastoral duties, such as scheduling, administrative budgeting, and reporting.



  • Agree and adhere to the beliefs of Converge, formerly Baptist General Conference.

  • Ordained minister with significant education in theology from an accredited institution consistent with North Haven's mission and vision (a theological degree preferred). 

  • Strong biblical knowledge and ability to effectively communicate and teach Scripture.

  • Demonstrated experience and passion for community engagement, outreach, and relationship-building.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the proven ability to relate to individuals and families from diverse backgrounds.

  • Compassionate and empathetic nature, with a heart for and experience in pastoral care and supporting others.

  • A demonstration of strong organizational and administrative abilities to manage multiple responsibilities.

  • A track record showing the ability to collaborate with church leadership and work effectively in a team environment.


How to apply: 

Candidate | Converge Placement (


  • North Haven Church is utilizing the Converge Placement Network (CPN) to evaluate all pastoral candidates. Candidates interested in our Lead Pastor position must fillout a CPN Profile. 

  • There is a one-time $50 fee to cover testing instruments. This fee is tax deductible, as a job search cost. Once your profile is completed, you will also be eligible to be matched with any Converge church across the country, who utilizes the CPN process.

  • Click the link above to apply.

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