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Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Tomorrow morning, members from North Haven are heading to Africa to see firsthand the effects the Talking Bibles sent almost two years ago are having in the hands of the individuals, families, and communities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

For me, this trip has been over two decades in the making. In college, I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania for a long-term missions trip, only to see that opportunity go away as quickly as it came. And then, in 2012, a similar opportunity presented itself and went away again.

A year and a half ago, our initial trip to Ethiopia was thwarted by the rise in Covid cases in Ethiopia. And then, last fall, my trip attempt was again stopped because of a passport error.

But now, as my items ready to be packed are laid out on my bed, the reality of finally getting to see this beautiful continent and country is less than 24 hours away. I'm dually nervous and excited. But more than that, I am anticipating a life-changing and life-giving experience.

Almost two years ago, the people of North Haven Church held all 166 Talking Bibles in their hands. These Talking Bibles would soon be sent to the people in Ethiopia. But at that moment, in the suburbs of Minnesota, God's people prayed that the Talking Bible they held onto would have a Gospel impact in the lives, families, and communities of the Oromo people.

And now, finally, we have the privilege of witnessing firsthand the power of God's Word and the life-saving Gospel of Jesus.

As our trip unfolds, I will submit a new blog entry every couple of days, detailing our exploits, struggles, and praises.

And thank you for your prayers. They are more cherished and more powerful than you will ever know.

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