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The Roads Less Travelled

There are many times when God calls us to travel "roads" that aren't traveled by many others. These roads have large potholes, great earth separation, substantial bumps, and very tricky terrain. These roads require patience, precision, and perseverance. And at many points, there remains the temptation to stop and turn back. But it is often these roads that lead to the most remarkable victories.

Over eight days, we traveled many roads like this. Whether it was paved roads full of potholes and herds of cows and goats, dirt roads replete with stomach-churning twists and turns, or no roads at all but the need to drive through... we traveled them all.

But whenever and wherever we arrived at our destination, every time, it was more than worth it.

The beautiful smiles... the warm and intimate hugs... the laughter... the joy... and the love of God were present at each destination.

God is making Himself known in a big way in Ethiopia.

In areas where many cannot read or write, they are HEARING the Good News of Jesus Christ through Talking Bibles. These small audio devices are treasured by the people, families, and communities all along the Oromo countryside.

Courageous men and women are taking these Talking Bibles to hard-to-get destinations... often amid the threat, or reality, of persecution... and seeing first-hand the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Yes, our team had the privilege to witness 16 people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior while on our trip. But that pails in comparison to the hundreds who are turning to Jesus because they're hearing the message of hope in God's Word.

But there's still so much yet to do!

There are still MANY throughout that area of the globe who have yet to hear of Jesus and the Gospel that saves.

We still have so much work to do.

But the work is more than worth it. It just takes someone willing to travel the difficult roads.

Maybe that person is you.

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