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Lives Saved!

Today we spent most of our time traveling to different villages to witness the impact Talking Bibles is making in the lives of the Oromo in Ethiopia.

We were joined today by a regional pastor who has been instrumental in first providing training for regional pastors and evangelists. He's also spent considerable time getting the Talking Bibles that North Haven Church prayed over and sent. Many villages like these that we visited are experiencing profoundly powerful stories.

The first village we went to required a bit of a hike. But this village is extraordinary. A prominent older woman in the village, who had been devoted to witch doctor practices, recently received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Because of her decision, many others in the village turned to Christ. We had the opportunity to sit down with this woman and her family, hearing their stories and celebrating their life change.

The second village we attended had quite a few people come and meet with us. 4 of those who attended had not yet believed in Jesus. I was asked to give a short message translated by one of our companions. At the end of my message, 6 of those in attendance received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!

We received numbers concerning the 166 Talking Bibles North Haven sent here. Those 166 Talking Bibles have enabled 3,506 people to hear the Gospel. And of those 3,506 people, 521 HAVE BEEN SAVED!!!

Thank you for your prayers and for celebrating God's incredible work here.

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