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Mission / Vision

Programming is family-centered and powered by our amazing Volunteers! Each classroom has a minimum of two volunteers scheduled and each Volunteer is required to pass a background check and be a follower of Jesus and a regular attender at North Haven Church.

We practice Multi-generational worship, then dismiss the kids to their classroom for age appropriate Bible Study and activities.

We feel multi-generational worship:

1. Connects kids to the church body and allows them to see themself as part of the church family instead of just part of the Kids Ministry.

2. Guides them to encounter Jesus through worship in a corporate setting.

3. Encourages adults to see the kids in service and participating. 

4. Adults worshiping can be an example to the kids on how to worship through music, offering, and prayer.

5. Exposes them to a formal setting so that the transition out of Kids Ministry feels more natural and less intimidating.

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